Here's a chance as you read John Crestani's new book, "Work at Home Secrets and Scam" and you're looking for information about the super affiliate system.
                                   Super Affiliate System Members Area 

The Super Affiliate System has been around since 2015 or so, and when it first surfaced, I was able to find out some of the stuff John was teaching shortly before.

I have been living online for many years now, and John's course is one of the few that can honestly say that I have learned enough.

The Super Affiliate System is one of a handful of online training programs that I recommend to learners stay online as long as they understand that some work is needed.

At any rate, now I will leave my yapping and arrive here for this reason!
What is a super affiliate system?

(I got it, so I can show you).

Super Affiliate Systems Member Area

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What is a super affiliate system?

Super Affiliate System 2019/2020 update

 What is the area inside the members of the super affiliate system here?

My Super Affiliate System Review

Super Affiliate System 2019/2020 update


As I said before, the Super Affiliate Systems program first came out in 2015 (for $ 5,000, now you can get it for MUCH, for very little!), And John has kept the content and training fresh Use your butt.

In 2019 and 2020, you have to worry about out-dated training and methods that no longer work. Every year, Super Affiliate System is 100% ReShot from the ground up and I think you're really going to like it!
what's that for?

I would say that the Super Affiliate system is great for those who have not made their first dollar online, but it is also a great program for those who can earn a few hundred dollars a day or week, and play their games. Want to increase signifigantly.

The Super Affiliate system is very "newbie friendly", and John does a great job making it easy to follow, whether you're 19 or 90!
What is it teaching?

The Super Affiliate System offers an easy way to help people become successful affiliate marketers in just 6 weeks.

You must be learning how to master things:

    Facebook advertising
    Google ad
    Native advertising
    Youtube Ads
    and many more!

Don't be afraid, you'll start out with a very small advertising spend ($ 5.00 per day or so), and will only be profitable once!

John breaks things in a very easy way. It's easy to follow things step-by-step that even the newest newbie can follow.

ALSO provides you with templates for audiences, advertisements and landing pages to use in your promotion.

The training takes students 6 weeks and over 50 hours of video explaining the affiliate marketing process from beginning to end.

The first two weeks of the course cover the basics such as giving you a complete understanding of the business model, the essential mindset, how to set up tracking software and domains, and how to create landing pages for offers you want to promote.

The next few weeks of the course go to how to use the major traffic sources:

    Native advertising
    YouTube Advertising

The last few weeks of the course run on optimization, increasing affiliate campaigns to thousands of dollars per day, and ways to outsource and hire labor.

What is the area inside the members of the super affiliate system here?

Feature # 1 - Training

Keep in mind - The entire Super Affiliate System program is 6 weeks long and includes more than 50 materials, and includes daily homework assignments and weekly quizzes.

This is not something you will hurry up in a week, or over the course of a month.

He has worked very hard to make it the most comprehensive guide on affiliate marketing and has also accepted students for their learning.

They are found in every case when a student does not find success with a super affiliate system that they did not actually go through the course material.

Anyway, it is said that - here is an overview of what you are learning in every 6 weeks of training:

    Week 1, System Setup
    Week 2, ignoring the system
    Week 3, Marketing Skills
    Week 4, Facebook and Google Advertising
    Week 5, YOUTUBE and NATIVE ADS
    Week 6, Screening and Automation

But the news - there is more! laugh loudly

On top of that, you also get free entry to the John Free Traffic Training Course, Internet Jetset (usually $ 47.00 per month) as a member.

There is another complete set of video training to complete everything you need to know about getting free traffic from sites like Google, Youtube and FaceBook.

Feature # 2 - DFY Advertising Campaign

SuperAffiliateSystem Done For You 

SuperAffiliateSystem is created for you

Ready2Launch campaigns are templates for you to set up an ad campaign to join:

    Audience Targeting (for Facebook)
    Affiliate advertising
    Landing Page
    To promote the top offer
    even more…

They come in a variety of beneficial niches from weight loss, muscle growth, diet, fat burning, skin care and more.

Feature # 3 - Community

You only get free access to private Facebook groups for super affiliate system members. The group has updates for Q&A, content and training, and more.

John is very active there, and it is good to see students posting about their success on an almost daily basis!

These are 100% real people that you will see interacting and interacting in Facebook Groups - and people share that stuff with them all the time!

Feature # 4 - Weekly Group Training Training (Live)

John does live webinars every Friday at 3pm PST for 2-3pm, where he has people share their advertising campaigns with him, and he helps optimize ads / etc. or answer common questions ).

People really like these live sessions, and I hope MYSELF on them whenever I can, because you never know what you'll learn!

My Super Affiliate System Review

Honestly, the super affiliate system is excellent.

They are not joking when they say there is 6 weeks of training.

You want to set aside about 2 hours per day for your training. Think of it like an education and 1 hour of study, and practice / apply 1 hour per day.

That being said, this course is amazing. While I do not yet have time to go through the entire (new, 2019) updated version, I have already learned A-lot and whatever I have already learned to get positive ROI on my Facebook ads Have been using it.

John's 5,10,20 move is nothing short of other training, templates and campaigns you've done.

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